Dealing with Rejection

A story of mine was rejected today. I didn’t get a personal rejection but rather the winning finalists in the writing contest were posted and my name wasn’t on the list. Just in case I re-read the list to make sure they didn’t accept my story by title and accidentally put the wrong author’s name on it. No luck there either. Hope springs eternal for the hopeless optimist which I am.

I think I would rather get a personal rejection. Then I would feel that someone actually held a copy of my story in their hand and at least perused it before using it as a coaster for their coffee cup. So many magazines and book publishers these days have a no response reply to submissions. If they don’t like it, you won’t hear from them.  But maybe they do?

I heard a story from a writer last week who told of a publisher to whom he had submitted a story two years ago. As he had no reply, he sent it out to other sources and one of them did accept it.  Then he finally heard from the first publisher who wanted to buy the first rights to his story. However, since he had now been published elsewhere it was no longer an unpublished piece and that no longer fit their guidelines.

So do you hold your breathe and wait eternally like sleeping beauty for a response? I think not. Rewrite and resend. That is what I am going to do with the story that was rejected. I already have some ideas on how to re-craft it. I am a bit let down, but also excited as I don’t have a new story to write from scratch. It’s like having a basic black dress that I can now dress up and embellish. We’ll see if my next date (or editor) finds it more to their liking.


About TheWriteChris

I've been an intermittent writer for years and now I am taking the deep plunge. I will soon be be published in the Career Guide for Salem Press where I wrote about the Real Estate Industry. I am an active member of CHAIRS, a regional writer's critique group. I also do my best to keep informed of the publishing industry news and changes. Over the years I've written numerous short stories, a humorous book on being a Realtor and have a partly finished romance/fantasy novel. For about the last 10 years I've written skits for adults that run anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. In the past year I began writing for the children's curriculum at my church. This opened up my eyes and heart to writing for children - the writing genre I am now pursuing most actively.
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