Getting the Rejection

It came in the mail today – the envelope typewritten with my name and address and the return address with the publication name. I recognized it right away as I had typed it that way. This was a response to one of my stories. It came in the form of a 10 point checklist as to why the story was not accepted. It was personalized with the title of my story, one item checked off and the editorial assistant signature. Nothing more. It did not even include the return of my story.

The letter also noted that they only pick up 4-6 manuscripts a year and receive up to 75 each month. I guess that gives me some solace as others are probably experiencing the same feeling of rejection. I would have loved to get more feedback to see what I could improve, but that is not how the market works.

I still believe the piece has value, but it is a niche piece. I will need to do some more research to see what other potential markets are out there for this story. In the meantime, I will keep writing. This doesn’t make me any less a writer. It is just giving me more experience which in turn will result in positive results.


About TheWriteChris

I've been an intermittent writer for years and now I am taking the deep plunge. I will soon be be published in the Career Guide for Salem Press where I wrote about the Real Estate Industry. I am an active member of CHAIRS, a regional writer's critique group. I also do my best to keep informed of the publishing industry news and changes. Over the years I've written numerous short stories, a humorous book on being a Realtor and have a partly finished romance/fantasy novel. For about the last 10 years I've written skits for adults that run anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. In the past year I began writing for the children's curriculum at my church. This opened up my eyes and heart to writing for children - the writing genre I am now pursuing most actively.
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