Get back on the horse

Yes, getting a rejection is disappointing, but I’ve worked through it. I’ve done more research to find a new place to send my rejected stories once they have been rewritten. I have also sent the story and the guidelines to another writer to review and give me some feedback as to why my story wasn’t a fit for the magazine. It will be interesting to see the comments for that. Too bad I can’t get that from the magazine directly. Ah well, such is the industry.

As I work in my other job, I also continue to find time to write. Since l last wrote, I have written 2 devotionals, rewritten a non fiction story for children and have a first draft for a comfort food story. I have also critiqued stories for two other writers. I am also writing on another blog where I am doing a play by play of my reading and acting on a book on writing for the children’s market.

So I keep working to compete and to win results!


About TheWriteChris

I've been an intermittent writer for years and now I am taking the deep plunge. I will soon be be published in the Career Guide for Salem Press where I wrote about the Real Estate Industry. I am an active member of CHAIRS, a regional writer's critique group. I also do my best to keep informed of the publishing industry news and changes. Over the years I've written numerous short stories, a humorous book on being a Realtor and have a partly finished romance/fantasy novel. For about the last 10 years I've written skits for adults that run anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. In the past year I began writing for the children's curriculum at my church. This opened up my eyes and heart to writing for children - the writing genre I am now pursuing most actively.
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